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Today I would like to share a favourite from my boyfriend and me, which is the Optimal Skin Promoisturiser from Espa. A super lightweight but very rich moisturizer.

The amount of moisturizer my boyfriend applies is actually from a different level. He is so strict in moisturizing his full body after every shower that I do think by myself that I actually should be also a little bit stricter with the moisturiser. Anyway, since I am obsessed with skincare products, he of course, can’t get away with just one cream for his full body and face. How does that even work? We need different cream on our face than on our body! So, I took it step by step and slowly he is using more products. He is picky, so a great partner to discuss the products before writing an article.

Today more about on of the products from the lovely brand Espa. I do not need to tell you guys anymore that I am a huge fan from the skincare brand Espa, I always say that it brings the spa a little bit to your own bathroom.
The products are amazing and the smell is just as amazing, just so relaxing.
This moisturiser is a lightweight nutrient-rich product that you can use during the day and in the evening. After cleansing and the tonic, when using it during the day do not forget to apply your sunscreen after the moisturiser.
The moisturiser works on the hydration from your skin and it targets the early signs of skin ageing. It also works on your skin complexion for visibly beautiful skin.
The formula from the cream is very thin but super rich at the same time, which makes it for me a great combination as I do not like a ‘thick cream’ feeling on my skin for during the day. In the evening, and especially the winter I can appreciate this more. But we are coming towards spring and summer! So I am looking for a lightweight product which still works really well.

You can see how rich the formula of this cream is. Ugh, this makes me so happy!

Personally I do love to use this cream during the day, in combination with my SPF on top. My boyfriend loves to uses it during the day and the evening. We have completely different skin types, his skin is much more dry and sensitive and mine is more prone to acne.

I feel that this cream is a great one to have in your stash, it might not be needed to use it every day, but any time when you feel that your skin is more dehydrated and need that little extra, this pot comes in super handy.
The price of the cream is 48 pound and the size of the pot is 55ml.

Did you already try out any of the Espa products?

With love,Wiesje

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