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Hi! Not sure if it just me, or it’s a lockdown thing, but the amount of skincare I go through these days is absolutely huge. I always use lots of products for my face, hair and body but maybe during lockdown I even spend more time on self-care, anyway, here is an empty post with some products I would repurchase and others, not so much.

I start with the Leonor Greyl Hair Mask. This is an absolute favourite of mine and the 2nd pot has already found his space in the bathroom. It’s beautiful, makes my hair super soft and less frizzy too. The texture is so thick and very luxurious, I love this mask, a lot.

Next we are going to the Nuxe Shower gel, very lovely, I had actually two of the exact same shower gels and I really enjoyed this. However, I am not sure if I would repurchase the exact same one, I like trying out new shower products, it’s lovely, but not a must to buy again though.

Prismologie Rose Quarts & Rose Comforting Hand and Cuticle Cream; Ah yes, love this. Beautiful product, very lovely on the hands and a shame that I finished this quite quick. I had it on my desk and while working I love applying this product.

Would repurchase for sure. The scent is very calming too, perfect for when it’s busy at work, gives that moment of peace, which we all need sometimes.

Elemis Warm Tonka & Vanilla Bath & Shower milk – Oh, I really enjoyed this product. The scent is quite unusual and really lovely. But again, I am not hugely fussed with shower gels, I loved it but wouldn’t repurchase straight away.

L’Anza Leave-In Conditioner – Absolutely loved this product, lasted for ages and would repurchase. Made my hair soft, shiny and the scent is beautiful. I love Lanza Haircare so much, I had quite a few products from the brand over the last few years and literally enjoyed all of them, great products.

Prai – Throat & Decolletage Crème – Yes, well, here we go. Look, this is a great product. I am 30 this year and when I wake up these days, I have those lovely fine lines between my boobs. I’m not pleased with them and when using this crème I did really see a difference. However, I have to admit that I often forgot about the product, and didn’t apply this as often as I should. Which is shame, real good product.

Overall, this time round there are a few repurchases, the hair products I would both buy again. Shower products; as mentioned in the article, I am always a little all over the place with shower products & not so fussed. 

Also, all the empty bottles are now going to a recycling scheme that I personally find amazing, it’s from Look Fantastic and you can return your empties for free! I add the link there too for anyone who is interested.

Thank you for reading, XX Wiesje 

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