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I am very late to join the party. Extremely late, I would say… On any beauty blog or magazine, you will find an article about this cream, the Lait-crème is literally everywhere, but for a long time, it was not on my shelf. A couple of weeks ago I decided that this needed to be changed and here we are, I am ready to tell you more about this Lait-crème and is it worth the ‘hype’ which is there for years?

Bonjour Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre cream, this cream is being around for ages, for many, many years a lot of skin gurus are loving this cream and I read many very promising reviews, however, me buying this cream actually never happened. After seeing another beauty blogger writing about this cream and how she never left her house when she was traveling with this cream in her bag, I decided to jump in the beautiful world of online shopping and got myself a lait-crème in just a couple of minutes.

The Lait-Creme Concentre.

To be honest with you guys, I am so bloody excited to share my review with you. As I have never been massively into hydrating creams, this because I felt that it often left my skin oily, and next to leaving my skin oily, I also felt that it actually blocks my pores. Not a great combination, so I left ‘very hydrating’ creams on the side, I just felt it was not for me.

Now I am a little bit older, twenty-eight years young, I feel that my skin is changing. I need different kinds of ingredients and my skin has different needs. Sometimes it looks like it is almost talking to me and asking for some more hydration. Well, I try to look after my skin the best I can and I will always listen to the needs of my skin. 
This Lait-Crème is a multi-function nourishing moisturizer. It is a moisturizer, a make-up primer and you can use it as a moisturizing mask too.
It will give your skin a supple and plumed up, soft smooth and radiant complexion. 

The main active ingredients are;
Emollient oil and combination of active ingredients from natural origin: shea butter, beeswax, aloe vera, and soy proteins. This product is paraben-free.
This crème is suitable to use either day and night or only in the mornings or evenings, suitable for all skin types.

What are my thoughts?
Dear oh dear. Do I understand the hype that is going on for literally years, about this crème? I so much do. Absolutely, the crème makes all his promises come true. It is super hydrating, very soft for the skin, it leaves my skin feeling great and the glow is lovely. I do not use it as a make-up primer, because I do not really wear a full face of make-up anymore, but as a moisturizer, it works great. This crème does the job really well. I also told my man to use the cream, and he was also very surprised how good it felt on his skin, and believe me, he is very picky…

Here the consistency from the cream, a lovely thick formula.
But when applying, it feels so lovely and rich on the skin.

This cream is only around £15 and that for a 75ml tube. Amazing.

Click on the link below to order your Lait-Crème. The service by this webshop is great and the shipping is super quick, that means we do not need to wait long to receive our goodies at all!

Do you already have experience with the Embryolisse Lait-Crème? If so, what are your thoughts?
With love,

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