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A luxurious moisturising Korean face mask which is made with Gold Dust, Diamond powder and pearl extract to brighten your skin! Well… That sounds super extra to me, and I am all here for it! Gold dust, diamonds and pearls, all in one mask. Sounds almost too good to be true…

A couple of weeks ago I already mentioned the fact that I need to make my way to Australia or New Zealand to dive in all those natural skincare brands over there, I have to add a couple more destinations to that list, which is Korea and Japan, these countries take skincare also to a completely different level, and I just need to see it all, buy it all, try it all and after that share it all with you guys!

This sheet mask is inspired by Korean innovation, an ultra thin fibre sheet designed to fit seamlessly on the face and enhance the moisture content within the mask, which will lead to an increased absorption rate within the skin.
This sheet mask is animal cruelty free and paraben free. The package contains one sheet mask and 20ml of serum, which is quite a lot actually.

The package contains 1 sheet mask for our face.

Directions of use;
– The first step before using this mask is of course; cleansing the face.
– Remove the mask from the package and place the mask tightly on the face.
– After 20 minutes you can remove the mask from the face, gently pat the rest of the serum from the mask in your skin.

Diamond Gold mask with the directions to use, it is a sheet mask; it will not be difficult!
Lovely package, the sheet mask are perfect to take with you when traveling. Things will not get messy at all!

Sounds very easy, I am super excited to use a ‘gold dust’ mask, included diamonds and pearls. I have to admit, I am usually not a huge fan of this kind of products, just because I feel that the ingredients don’t do much for the skin, of course, it sounds lovely and the idea is super cool – gold and diamonds on our face, but the actual results are usually not mind-blowing. So, the ingredients are not on the top of my favourites, but we are going to use this mask very openminded and check out the results…

What are my thoughts? Well, well, well… What can I say guys, shame, such a shame. I am not blown away. The serum was way too much in the sheet mask, which made it leaking all over my body basically. The mask was stinging on my face and I actually removed it much quicker, after a minute of ten I was just over it and removed it. The serum what was left on my skin felt sticky and I washed most of it off with some wet cotton pads. It is a shame, the idea is super cool and cute, but it wasn’t for me!

Did you already try out this face mask? And if so, what are your thoughts? I would love to hear different opinions because I am not blown away, does not mean that this is not a great face mask for someone else!

With love, Wiesje

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