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Retail therapy and you lost control over yourself and your credit card? A massive fashion mistake but you are too late to return it back to the shop? I am almost sure that we’ve all been in situations like this, spending some coins on the wrong items, it looked absolutely amazing in the fitting room, at home it looks like a complete bin bag, the struggle is real. Why not selling these numbers to someone who might find this an amazing catch? Two people happy! And good for your wallet too! 

Now I am a very picky shopper. I do not like to buy items that are ‘in fashion’ because usually, I do not like the items that are in fashion anyway, my style is quite simple but we all have those moments that you come home with a couple of new numbers, try it on in front of your own mirror without the fitting room lightening and you actually ask yourself the question what the hell you were thinking? Well, this still happens to me, a great example was what happened to me the other week…
I actually ordered a camel skirt, high waist with a belt. Sounds cute, right? Well, that is what I thought, till I tried it on for a second time a couple of days later and actually start laughing.
Some items just don’t do your body any justice. Luckily I was on time and decided to send it back to the shop. But what if you are not on time to return the articles? Or, you are simply over that particular item three months after buying it… 

Shame, a waste of money and a waste of space in your wardrobe. That is why I would like to share a great platform with you guys, this is where you can sell (and buy!) your (or someones else’s) clothes.
The website I am talking about is; Depop, you can sell here anything and everything! It is so good, and very easy. I am on Depop for quite a while now, and I really like it. Uploading your items is super quick, and the website is very easy in use. That is a winner.
I sell shoes, clothes, hats and make-up. Basically, anything that I do not use anymore, and the items are still in great condition! Plus, selling your clothes is great for the planet too. Something to keep in mind! 
Check the link down below to check out my profile on the Depop website.

Do you sell your clothes or any other items that you are not using anymore?
With love, Wiesje

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