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Deep Action – Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub.

Is your skin telling you that it is in need for something extra? A scrub will give you the boost that you need.

Since I am living in such a massive city, I do really
feel that my skin has different needs. When you are outdoors a lot, or in
public traffic, I feel that my skin easily builds op dirt and that is why it is
so important to of course, clean you skin twice a day, and next to this I am
addicted to face masks and scrubs. I book the bathroom twice a week for myself
and i will basically not leave that place after doing my full regime.

This scrub from Deep Action is another bargain that I absolutely
need to share with you guys. Some of you might already read my last article
regarding the deep action tonic, which is a massive favourite of me. Today more
about the Deep Action Clearing Daily Scrub.

What are the benefits
This scrub prevents further breakouts.
Minimizes spot size.
Reduces blackheads.
Reduces oil and shine.
Exfoliates and purifies.
Shrinks pores.

Sounds all very good to me, the only point I have my
doubts about is the point ‘shrinks pores.’ I am not too sure how this would
work, as far as I know, the pores are a part of your skin texture and I am not
too sure how this is something that you can actually reduce with a scrub, but
if this would actually work, then that is perfect.

What are the active ingredients?Salicylic acid.

What are my thoughts?Well, this product is an absolute bargain. You pay
around 3pound for a 150ml package, which is if you ask me, super cheap. I do
like this product, it cleans my skin very well and it gives my skin such a soft
feeling. However, my man has different thoughts. We do have a completely
different skin, I would say his skin is much more sensitive and dry, mine is
not sensitive at all and on the oily side.

He can basically not step in the shower without trying
some new skincare products of me (bless him) and his thoughts this time are not
super positive, it made his skin a little bit dry and tight.

I do think that this product is less suitable for
people with sensitive skin, but for me it worked really well.
This product is available by Superdrug.

Did you already try products from the Deep action range? Let me know!
With love, Wiesje

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