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Living in one of the most amazing cities in the world with always so much to do. Sometimes I still don’t realize in what kind of amazing city I live. Today I would like to take you guys with me and show you around in the Sky Garden.

Sky garden is one of those attractions that you need to tick of
your list when visiting London. The name of the building is the Walkie talkie.
This because it looks like a walkie talkie, but just a very big and high one,
you are probably not able to put this walkie talkie in your pocket.

The sky garden is on the 35th floor of this building,
and I can tell you now, this is high. But, no worries. I am not great with heights
myself and to make it a little worse, me and elevators is also not a great combination,
but that on the side. The elevator is like a little space shuttle, you are literally
in there for about 1 minute and as soon as you step out of the elevator you
will see the most amazing view over London possible.  

On the 35th floor you have access to a balcony, where
you are able to enjoy the view and of course take some selfies and videos,
indoors there is a garden and another floor which you are able to access, there
is food and drinks available and all this in combination with each other is
just stunning.

I would also like to mention that the entrance is free, we did register online weeks before, and did not needed to queue. When you visit London for just a weekend I would absolutely recommend to get tickets in advance, this because it is really busy and visiting sky garden is so worth it.

What a view!

We visited the sky garden at 2.30pm but how romantic is it to go when the sun comes up or during the evening? I can imagine how beautiful it will look with all the city lights. Perfect for a romantic date night! I am already dreaming away by the thought of it, glass of wine on the side and enjoying the view together.

I took my camera with me today and I tried to take some pictures for you guys, I usually always grab my Iphone but I have a great camera which I do not use often, I thought today was a great opportunity to get some good shots! Well, at least I tried though.

with my man.

so good.

A small part of the super green garden.

The sky garden is an absolute must on your list when visiting
(or living) in London. What a great city!

With love,


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