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I love Thai food. It is one of my favourite kind of food in the world. Me and my boyfriend love exploring new cute places in London and we both love food. It’s his birthday weekend and we went to the coolest Thai place I’ve ever seen, Poppy’s.

This place is so cool. And we actually passed it by plenty times before, but we never thought about going there, I had in mind that it was a small coffee place, till Justice (my boyfriend) told me this is a Thai restaurant. Why did we never go here before? It is not even far from our flat and the place looks so super cool. Anyway, on the 28th of April it was his dirty 30, so I took him out for a dinner on the night before. He actually wanted a pizza night in, but this time I didn’t listen. Usually I always do though… So, we booked the place and dressed up a little bit. Nothing crazy, as the place is casual.

I need this in my flat.

From the outside it is a very cute small place which is painted in a green colour. From the inside, the décor is so extremely busy and packed, there are not a lot of tables to sit on, I think the place will fit in total around, 12 guests. We had a super lovely table by the window and from here we could see all the little corners from the restaurant. In every inch of the place you will find another cool piece that you secretly would like to take a picture from. However, the tables are close together which bothered me not too much, I am a proper Dutch one, talk about everything what is on my mind and I couldn’t care less if the table next to me is picking up our conversation. However, Jus is always a little bit less comfortable with the jokes I can make at basically any time of the day, so he does prefer a bit more space in between the tables.

Yes, that is a giraffe with a hat on.

Soooo cool!!!
I AM DONE. Question, when a giraffe has a cold and needs to wear a scarf, does he wear it on the top part of his neck or on the bottom part?

Right, let’s move on to the menu! We went for a sharing platter as starter, a mix from their most popular starters. Spring rolls are my favourite, this was lovely.
As a main we both went for stir fried with beef, the sauce was so good! And there was loads of beef, which made us both very happy.
Overall the food was good, and I have to admit that the décor makes it even more cool. The prices in the restaurant are super reasonable and i will guarantee you that it is worth visiting the place, you will have an amazing dinner in such a great location. We will absolutely go back!

With love, Wiesje

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