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Come on, let’s be very honest with each other. We all know those mornings that as soon as you wake up and you quickly check yourself in the mirror, you ask yourself the question; why did you actually think it was a good idea to not wash your hair the evening before? You quickly check the time on your phone and see that there is absolutely no time to fix this with a good shampoo and conditioner. Time for plan B, dry shampoo!

Not going to lie to you guys, honest as always. I am a huge fan of dry shampoo. This is an absolute must for me. I do not wash my hair often, maximum two times a week, this is something that I’ve been doing for ages and not planning on changing this. I actually would like to wash it even less, but that is sometimes difficult. As the process of washing your hair less, takes a little bit of time. I think your hair needs to get used to it. However, even that I wash my hair two times a week, it does happen that I wake up with oily hair. Yak… Oily hair can bring my mood down really quick and that is why a dry shampoo is for me an absolute must-have.

What is dry shampoo?Well, a dry shampoo is a product that basically works as a hairspray, this product absorbs the oil from your hair, and leaves it feeling fresh and a massive plus is that it gives you lots of volume.
It is so easy to use, you can spray a little bit all over your roots, or just on the oily parts of your hair, the hair around your temples for example, always a common area for your hair to get oily quickly.
If you do use the dry shampoo, I would say that you can stretch your ‘hair wash day’ with a day or two.

The only comment I need to make about dry shampoo is that it often leaves a white residue. Be careful, especially with dark hair, as this can look a little bit funny. Make sure that after applying, you will massage your hair very good with your fingers and this will make lower the change on a white residue.
I do not have a favourite dry shampoo yet, I often use the Batiste or the Colab, which are both very good products and next to a lovely smell, they give my hair an extra amount of volume. Which is always a plus. I am all here for that!
What is your favourite dry shampoo? Please let me know!
With love, Wiesje

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