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Ultra-moisturising and wildly luxurious. Something completely new for me, I switch things up lately, and today I would like to share my view on this pure hemp and almond oil.

For the lovely loyal readers here, you guys already seen me writing about the amazing brand; Cedar+Stone. I already prepared you that there is more to come, so today a bit more about a product that is completely new to me, I have never been into face oil, this because my skin was actually very oily already, so automatically I never felt like using an oil on my face. Lately it looks like my skin is changing, and I feel that my skin has different needs. It might be the age, it might be the change in hormones, whatever it is, I am happy to dive into all the new products and see what it does for my skin. Great when skincare is your hobby and passion at the same time.

This oil is an unscented pure face oil to nurture the skin as well as the senses. This face oil is especially amazing after a shower; it’s also incredible in a bath – a couple of pumps is all you need. It combines a gorgeous texture, with deep hydrating results leaving your skin firm, nourishes, and beautifully supple. 

The ingredients are;Prunus Amygdalus (Almond) oil, Cannbis Sativa Seed (Hemp) Oil. 
This product is;GMO FREE, Paraben Free, Sulphate Free, SLS Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free.

The list of ingredients. The package is in a handy package and the bottle is 50ml.

What are my thoughts? Interesting, as mentioned before; I never really used a face oil before, but using this around two times a week changed my skin in a very positive way. It gives my skin a super soft feeling, my skin looks less red and it leaves an amazing glow. I use the oil only in the evening, because for during the day it would be to much for me.
Using this as a bath oil is something that I did not try out yet, but I will give you an update about this as soon as I can.
The oil is great to use around the neck and décolletage area, often we forget those areas but so important to look after that too! Especially on long term.
The oil gives me a very luxurious feeling, and yes, there is basically no smell at all. Which I find personally a little bit of a shame, because I love great smelling products, gives it that little bit of extra. However, for everyone who is sensitive for smell, this will be amazing for you guys.

If you did not try the products from cedar+stone out, please give it a go, you would not regret this. Great products for your skin and for the planet! 
With lots of love,

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