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Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Therapy Hair Treatment Oil.

It was one of those nights, I had a night out planned and I run completely out of hair serum. Well, my hair is stubborn so leaving the house without any serum in my hair is a little bit tricky… So, I decided to go for a last-minute serum shopping session. And this was the result…

You know when you run into
a 24/7 supermarket like Tesco, you will not have a huge amount of choices,
however, me as a village girl is still surprised about the 24/7 opening hours
from a supermarket. I will tell my family that during the evening and night the
shop is actually busy, you would think everyone is asleep, till you walk in to
one of those massive supermarkets and you see plenty people doing their weekly
shopping, or just a bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate, just the much needed

Anyway, me running into the
supermarket to find something which was there to safe my hair. I’ve grabbed the
Brazilian keratin serum and walked out, as this was an emergency I didn’t had
high expectations, it needed to do the job for now, and in the weekend I would
have some time to actually do some online shopping and get myself sorted.

However, I am super, super
surprised by this little number. I am not even joking, I paid around 5 pound
for this serum, usually my serums are about 4 times the price for the same size
bottle, this serum comes in a 100ml bottle and is free from parabens,
phosphates, dyes and gluten.

It is a lightweight
luxurious leave in formula infused with keratin. Helps to repair and smooth the
hair, adds shine and controls frizz. Absorbs quickly, without leaving it oily.

This is exactly what I ask a serum to do to my hair, it ticks literally all the boxes. It is one of those situations that really good products do not always need to have a high price tag. Every now and then you walk into a product with an amazing price tag, and the outcome is even better. I am super surprised by this serum, I now use it every time after I washed my hair, I use it on the ends of my hair and it really gives it a super soft feeling and leaves it shiny!

What a great buy. If you are in need of a great serum, or you are just curious, try this one out, you will not regret it, I promise! Where to buy? I bought my bottle in Tesco!

With love,Wiesje

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