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Vegan, no chemicals, natural ingredients. We are much more aware of ingredients and what effect they have on us, I feel that natural products become more and more popular. L’oreal designed a new range full with products without any silicones, parabens or colourants. And I tried it out.

I am super picky with my hair products, and I do not like to use anything which includes chemicals on my hair. I am doing this for a few years and I really like the results. However, I feel that we are much more aware of the products that we are using on our hair and skin and which ingredients are good and which aren’t. I think it is great thing to be more aware of what we are using on a daily base, and next to this we also see that companies start with designing packages from recycled materials, another plus. As we should all try to save the planet.  

What are the benefits from this product?This Coriander Fragile Hair Strength Potion is a reinforcing leave-in treatment infused with a mix from coriander, soya and coconut oil. This product will work on the strength of your hair, adds a protection layer to your hair and leaves it smooth and soft.

What are my thoughts? I love the package, to start with. What a cute bottle. It looks actually very expensive, it looks like an expensive skin serum, you pop a couple drops in the palm of your hand and apply it all over your hair.

The package is so cool!

The smell. Wauw, Wauw, Wauw. The smell is absolutely amazing. So good! This product is not like a serum, as the texture is a bit different, I would say it is in between a cream and serum. It is thin, but it gives you the feeling that it is a little bit thicker when using. I really like it.

Works absolutely great on my hair, and the smell does stay for a while! The other day I was in the office and after an hour or five I could still smell it. So lovely. I would purchase this again.
The price is 10 pound for a bottle from 125ml. But they have offers very frequent, so I am sure that you can get it for around 5 pound! The package is made from 100% recycled materials. Which I do think is of course, also a great idea.

I did not try any of the Botanical Shampoo and conditioners yet, the hair masks really caught my eye in the shop, but I didn’t purchase them yet! A London flat isn’t that big, which means that storage is a bit of an issue… I need to finish first some products before purchasing new ones.
However, if you already tried out the botanicals product I would love to hear what your thoughts are!

With love, Wiesje

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