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I think plenty people will agree with me if I mention
that a bronzer is a must when living in England. Unfortunaly we have to deal
with interesting weather, the sun is out one day and the next day you will not
leave your house without a cozy jumper. No reason to complain, as we can easily
get a healthy and fresh look without any sun (and no damage!)

Of course, I am referring to bronzer. For me a must, as I
mentioned the other day, I barely wear makeup lately it is all very basic and
settled, however, a little bit of bronzer won’t hurt anyone and I am just
obsessed with just a tiny bit of bronzer in the corner of my eyes and just
under my cheekbones.

Call me boring but I am using the same bronzer for
absolute ages. I am talking about the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit. This bronzer
has such a gorgeous color and it does really suit my skin tone, which isn’t
easy. Because I am super pale, and I am obsessed with SPF. So, 1 plus 1 is two.
Even when the sun is out, you will not see me tanning and having my body out to
catch that sun. No, I am this see through person sitting in the shadow with a
shirt on including a hat to protect my scalp from burning. And I am not joking
this time. 

The Benefit Hoola bronzer is matt and comes in two different sizes, there is a mini and a full size. I have both, and the mini is ideal for traveling or in your makeup bag. I have to admit that they last for ages. 
The bronzer does include a mini brush, which is a cute little extra. But personally I do not really like this brush, it is still in the box, just in case I have a small emergency going on. But I personally prefer to use my own brushes. Anyway, the price for this bronzer is £26 for 8gram and the small package is around £12.

Give me a little bit of time guys with those selfies, as I am not a huge fan of pictures. ; ) But here you can see how the bronzer is on my skin!

Great about this bronzer is that it is suitable for lighter
skin and darker skin tones. You can really build this bronzer up, which is a
massive plus.
As I already mentioned, this bronzer is in my stash for ages and I am not
planning on changing this. 
Great color, easy package and good price.
Are you a fan of Benefit products?
With love,Wiesje

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