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I am a huge fan from
the brand Aveda. Today more about the thickening tonic; boost limp hair with the
thickening tonic, perfect for endless volume! Give it to me, please.

When we talk about
hair, for me the rule ‘the bigger the better’ does apply! I won’t make a
naughty Dutch joke now, so we move on about this product. I have been using
Aveda products for many years, and I do love the products so much. The
ingredients are great, the smell is amazing and they seem to work very well!

This thickening tonic is a powerful treatment that works to boost volume from root to tip. It includes botanical ingredients, the ingredients are 97% naturel and is ideal for thinning hair, it will give you fuller hair after just applying once!

How does it work? Easy! Just spray the
tonic from the roots to the ends of your hair, in sections. So, basically just
grab a part of hair, spray it all over and go to the next part of your hair. When
this is done, comb it all through so it will mix all over your hair.

For the diehards here, time to blow-dry your hair, ideally use a round brush. For me, who isn’t a star in blow drying her own hair, it is time to massage the product with my hands all over, make sure it has lots of volume and I am ready to start my day. I wish that the blow dry bit was a bit of me, but I am not there (yet) a fact is actually that I try to use no heat on my hair at all. I almost never curl my hair anymore and when I wash my hair, I always let is dry naturally. My hair is thick, but also super dry, I need to be careful with those things.

basically me after washing my hair and no heat.

This little number
is not that cheap guys, you pay for a bottle of 100ml 21pound, I am not sure
what to think about the price tag. It isn’t that expensive, but it is also not
very cheap. However, the bottle does last you for ages. Which is a plus! And, the
smell is on top of that, another plus!

What do you think of the Aveda products?
With love,Wiesje

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