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Augustinus Bader – The Rich Cream.

Very luxurious, the Rich Cream from the gorgeous brand Augustinus Bader. I was always keen to try this cream until I saw the price tag, that really did make me much less keen. However, receiving this cream in the Advent Calender from Liberty, I was very lucky to finally get my hands on it. But, is it worth the hype and the money?

I personally find the skincare products from Augustinus Bader absolutely beautiful. They are luxurious, chique and classy. 

These are bottles that you would love to have in your skincare stash, however, I am picky where to spend my coins and the price tag is high. I do not mind to spend money when it’s worth it, but if I do spend it – I expect results.

Now I am going to dive right in, this little bottle right here is 15ml and we are talking about £65,-  ouch. 
Especially because it’s a cream that you can use during the day and the night, if you do use this twice a day, it really won’t last you long at all.

Why is this so cream special?
There has been going 30 years of research into this cream, there are two formulations from this cream, a lighter version and the rich cream. 

The cream contains the patented ‘Trigger Factor Complex’ which ‘unlocks’ the code in your body for tissue repair.
Sounds a little difficult to me, but the main thing this cream does is; The Rich Cream helps to reduce visibly the sings of ageing and environmental damage, leaving your skin feeling and looking restored. 
The cream also works extremely hydrating. 

The Rich cream is especially perfect for normal to dry skin, vegan friendly too.

What are my thoughts?
Right, look, I am a little bit torn with this one right here. It’s a beautiful cream that I actually did not love straight away.

At the start I did not really see why this was such a hype, however, the more I used it, the more I absolutely adore this product. 
It’s a beautiful cream that I especially love to use at night time, it hydrates my skin really well and leaves my skin feeling really soft.

Every time when I had some sensitivity going on, using this cream really helped with that too.
But, the price tag is an issue for me, I am now 30 and my skin might still be a little bit too young to really benefit from this cream. Maybe in 5 years’ time and when I come back by it, it won’t ever leave my bathroom, but for now, I also do believe that there are great alternatives out there with a little bit of a more softer price tag.

However, this cream is beautiful and if you are able to spoil yourself, I would really look into the brand, because it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Did you already try any products from the Augustinus Bader?

Thank you for reading, XX Wiesje

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