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Ameliorate – Smooth – Skin – Science.

This brand is completely new for me but I was so curious to try this out. The brand Ameliorate is focusing on sensitive skin, dry skin or skin that suffers from keratosis pilaris. Now I do suffer from light bumpy / dry skin on my arms and sometimes my legs too, so reading about this brand made my heart beat a tiny beat faster – time to try it out.

I bought a full set from the Ameliorate products that included plenty of products, see the list below for my Ameliorate stash;

Intensive Foot Therapy
Intensive Skin Therapy
Exfoliating Body Mitt
Intensive Lip Therapy
Intensive Hand Therapy
Transforming Body Lotion
Nourishing Body Wash.

Today I would like to talk more about the Intensive Skin Therapy, Intensive Lip Therapy and the hand therapy.
I decided to write this articles in two parts as otherwise it will be a tiny bit too long.
First I would like to talk a little more about the brand itself, Ameliorate means ‘to make something better’. The brand believes in the power of chemical exfoliation and deep hydrating to help transform the skin. They also focus on the skin concern Keratosis Pilaris. 

All of the products help to transform dry, bumpy, sensitive skin. Their mission is to help everyone achieve a skin where they feel confident and comfortable in. 
The packaging of the brand is quite plain and simple, which I really like.

The intensive lip therapy is the product that I started to use straight away, I always wear a lip product everywhere I go, and I did try already plenty of lip products, so was more than ready to put this one to the test.

The lip therapy comes in an efficient and hygienic packaging. It’s non-greasy and feels super comfortable on the lips. It also helps to build a protective shield against dehydration around the delicate lip area. What I really like is that it feels slightly more than just a balm, it’s a cream formula and after applying the lips feel more soft and comfortable straight away.

Let’s move on to the next product, the hand therapy. Oh, this is absolutely a new fav of mine!
Comes again in a great package, 75ml. Quite a lot for a hand therapy. The scent of this product is beautiful, very settled but still very nice and luxurious. 

The hand cream also contains AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) very interesting, I do not think that I used a hand cream with AHA before. This product really does everything that’s on the package, I absolutely love it and it’s always next to me while working. 
My hands feel moisturized for ages and you only need a small amount of product. Yes, it’s a winner.

The next product is the intensive skin therapy. This product is super interesting, comes in a package from 30ml and is for extremely dry and flaking skin. Rough flaky patches or scaly skin.

Last week my boyfriend got some sort of reaction to the bushes in our back garden, his skin is quite sensitive and I applied this cream on his arms, the itchiness went down with minutes and it felt immediately more comfortable for him. 

It has again the same kind of scent as the rest of the products, and the consistency from this cream is very thick. You only need a very small amount to give the skin comfort and this is a product that everyone should have in their stash for the emergency moments that you really need something to calm your extremely dry / sensitive skin down.

I am so pleasantly surprised by the products, they are all wonderful. I can’t wait to test the other products out even more and share my thoughts on these too. I

If you do suffer with sensitive skin, look into these products, you really won’t regret it. Beautiful brand that delivers results.

Thank you so much for reading, XX Wiesje 

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