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PIXI ROSE TONIC. – my thoughts

No day goes by for me without using a tonic in my skincare routine. An absolutely must have in my routine, fair to say that I already tested (a lot) of tonics out. Today my review about the Pixi Rose Tonic, this product was completely new to me, and excited as always here my thoughts about this product.

To be completely honest with you guys, this is my first product ever from the brand Pixi, I know, I am a little bit late. But, as I said before, better late than never, and it is always pleasant thought that I still have plenty amazing products to try! Skincare is a never ending hobby, and an expensive one! : )
Ok, let’s move on to the product, today I would like to write about the Pixi Rose Tonic.
A toner is a product which you can use either after cleansing your face with a gel/wash/foam, or as first step when wearing no make-up for example.
For me, a toner is a step two, as I always clean my face first with a cleanser, and my second step is a toner on a cotton pad to basically re-clean my face again and to make sure that my skin is super clean.

What are the benefits from the Pixi Rose Tonic? The toner is based on a rose hydrosol base, which is nutrient-rich and it will deliver naturally soothing and hydrating properties. The toner will restore moisture while balancing the skin’s pH. The toner has calming benefits and it helps minimise redness. This product is suitable for all skin types, and it is not tested on animals.

What are my thoughts? It really reminds me of rose water, which makes sense I guess, as the product is based on rose hydrosol. It makes my skin feeling very refreshed and soft, the smell is very gentle but lovely. Little roses in a pot, that makes us happy. It leaves my skin also feeling super clean, which is really important to me.

Where to buy? Online or in the shop, the price is 10,- for a bottle of 100ml and 18,- for a big bottle from 250ml.

Please see the link down below to shop the products;

What did you already try from the Pixi skincare? Let me know!
With love, Wiesje <3

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