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PCA Anti-Pigment Cleansing Bar.

I always suffered from hyper pigmentation from a very young age, this made me realise how important it is to protect your skin with a SPF every single day, but also how certain products can really help you with reducing the amount of hyper pigmentation. Today I share my thoughts about this anti-pigment cleansing bar from the beautiful skinbrand; PCA skin.

The first time I experienced PCA was back in the days when I worked as a beautician in Holland, I did this for six years and this is where my passion for skincare comes from. I’ve always enjoyed working in skincare and of course, we came across so many different products. When I first start using PCA I did fell in love with it right away really. This brand is amazing, the products give you such good results and are super intense, but in a good way.

Today more about the PCA Anti-pigment cleansing bar. Looking at the name from the product, you can probably already guess what we are talking about, a soapbar for your face, to reduce hyperpigmentation.
What are the benefits? This product will help to reduce inflammation and suppress other causes of hyper pigmentation. It will give you a radiant complexion, and it will reduce hyper pigmentation.

What are the key ingredients? 
Kojic and azelaid acids. (I am a huge fan of Kojic Acid!) it works great on lightening the skin.

How does it work?
Well, yes, that was a little bit of try-out for me, as the soap is in a package it just did not cross my mind to use this with a sponge or fluffy face mitt. So what I did when this product just arrived is; I tried to literally take a little bit of product out of the pot with my hands, not so clever, I have to admit.
Let’s do it in the proper way and use a sponge or face mitt to create a foam and massage this onto your skin! Easy.
This product is for daily use, and I can already guarantee you, it will leave your skin feeling so super soft. Amazing. 

The price is £28 for 96gram, you can use this for ages, you really do not need a lot of product.
If you are interested in this product then check the PCA website out, I would highly recommend this soapbar.
With love,Wiesje

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