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Yes, today it is time for a classic. The MAC prep+
prime Fix + facial mist. Not only me, but also my boyfriend is a big fan from
this product, today more about this pretty amazing product.

I call this product a classic because I really do think that plenty of us has a bottle in their stash, I’ve always been a fan from MAC products, the blushes and highlighters are my favourite, I literally use the same products for years now and I am still not bored of these products.
But today I would like to tell you more about the facial mist spray from MAC, the bottle that I have currently in my stash is the one with a Coconut scent, this because I went with my man to the MAC shop when we went away to Oxford for the night, and did a little bit of shopping. Popped in to the MAC shop and this lovely lady let us try the coconut fixation spray, my man loved it so yes, decision made; coconut scent it is, but you do not hear me complain, lovely scent. Let’s talk about this product.

What are the benefits of this product? This MAC prep+ Prime Fix+ is a refreshing facial mist that can be used to instantly boost the hydration of the skin, or it is great to use as a finishing touch over your makeup. It really helps with blending in your makeup and to give it a great finish.

What are the active ingredients? Green tea, Chamomile and cucumber it also includes vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients. As I mentioned before, this fixation spray has a lovely coconut scent, a lovely little extra!
This bottle is a 100ml size and the price is 19 pound. Available online or in the MAC make-up store.

Let me know which fixation spray from MAC is your favourite, I am super curious.

With love, Wiesje 

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