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Today I would like to talk about haircare, I am using the L’anza haircare products for a while now and I would like to tell you more about these special haircare products.

Let me tell you more about the amazing haircare brand; L’anza;
L’anza is a luxurious professional haircare brand, that heals, seals and protects the hair. L’anza utilize the latest technology available to keep their products ahead of the rest, L’anza products will also help to heal the hair and will deliver maximum shine to your hair. Which is also amazing about this brand is that it maintains a green commitment by ensuring that all of their products and actions support a healthy and sustainable earth.

The products that I would like to review today are the L’anza healing Moisture shampoo and conditioner.
Let’s start with the; Tamanu Cream Shampoo; for me an essential is that my shampoos and conditioners are free from sulphates. The Tamanu cream shampoo is a luxuriously rich, creamy shampoo that makes your hair softer and silkier. It is a gentle sulphate free formula which is able to deliver moisture deep into your hair.

What are the benefits?
This shampoo is free of any sulphates which means it will not dry your hair but actually makes it more healthy. It contains a blend of Tahitan Tamanu oil and Polynesian Botanicals to restore moisture, softness and shine. After using the shampoo your hair is refreshed with a lovely healthy shine.

What is the price and where to buy?
The shampoo comes in a bottle from 300ml and the price is 25 pound. As you only use a small amount of product when washing your hair, even when washing it 2 times as I do, the bottle will last you for a long time.
The conditioner is 250ml and the price is the same as the shampoo, 25 pound.

L’anza Healing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

L’anza Kukui Nut Conditioner; second, we have another product that can’t be left out, the Kukui nut conditioner. Together with the Tamanu cream shampoo these two make a beautiful set when you are looking for a moisture shampoo and conditioner that gives your hair more shine and keeps it healthy.

The benefits from the conditioner;
This product gives optimal moisture to extra dry hair, it has deep penetrating hydrators and Polynesian botanicals to restore moisture, softness and shine.
The rich formula from the conditioner absorbs quickly and it will give your hair instant hydration without making your hair feel heavier. The conditioner will also allow your hair to stay hydrated up to 2 times longer plus protecting your hair colour.
It will leave your hair super soft and very silky with a beautiful shine!

What are my thoughts?
I am super picky in regards to shampoo and conditioners and I can honestly say that the L’anza haircare products ticked all the boxes for me. I wash my hair 2 times a week, first I use 2 times shampoo and after that the conditioner in the ends of my hair. The shampoo and conditioner feeling great on my hair, leaves my hair feeling super soft and shiny. The smell is great and it actually makes your hair healthier and gives it strength.
I can highly recommend these products when you are looking for products that gives your hair hydrating and shine, plus protection; gives these two a go! You won’t regret it.

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