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Deep Action anti-blemish overnight serum. (Budget favorite!)

Skincare is amazing and I do not mind to spend some coins on my products, but a clever woman keeps an eye out on her spending and that is why today I share my all time budget favorite with you guys!

I am going to talk more about the; deep action anti-blemish overnight serum. This is a product line which you can purchase by Superdrug and it is one of their own product lines. Superdrug products are super affordable and to be very honest with you guys, I saw this product in the shops and my expectations were very low, but for the price you can’t really go wrong so I took the product home and start using it.
Emh, excuse me Superdrug? My goodness me, this product is bloody amazing. Let me tell you the benefits;

What are the benefits of the product?
It helps to make your skin clearer, it works on a radiant complexion, sooths the skin and helps to calm the skin.
What are the key ingredients?
Salicylic acid, Witch hazel, Niacinamide.
The product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The key ingredients are all great for an acne prone skin, so I was actually excited seeing the list of ingredients.
What are my thoughts? The formula from this serum is really nice, at it is more of a cream formula. I start using this product for about three times a week and after a week or two I saw that my skin became more clear, I had less spots and the skin overall looked more radiant. I could almost not believe this, as I said before, I do not mind spending coins on skincare, as long as it does the job, but a serum from 3 pounds which left me actually flabbergasted.  
The package is also great, as it is in a plastic pot with a pomp, which makes it very hygienic, also easy to take with you when traveling.
Where to buy? Only by superdrug, online or in the shop. The pot is 50ml and the price is; 2.80. Yes!
Did you already try something out from the deep action line from the Superdrug?
With love,Wiesje

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