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7 april 2019 | by Wiesje

Let’s talk about breasts today. Boobs, breast, titties, however you would like to call them. We are all blessed with our body and of course, they come in all different shapes and sizes. Today I would like to pay some attention on our boobies!


6 april 2019 | by Wiesje

A refreshing facial mist but works at the same time great for oily skin that is prone to blemishes. I was sold straight away, this product is in my stash for ages, a super interesting skin mist infused with zinc. Let’s talk about this one


3 april 2019 | by Wiesje

If you did not read this book yet, then please take five minutes from your day to read this article and follow my recommendation. You will thank me later!

Grow Gorgeous ‘Scalp Detox’

1 april 2019 | by Wiesje

Dear oh dear! Sometimes you come across a product which makes you so super excited, that you actually want to jump in the bathroom ready for that me-time. That was exactly what happened with me when I received the 'Scalp Detox'... This one is interesting


1 april 2019 | by Wiesje

I think plenty people will agree with me if I mention that a bronzer is a must when living in England. Unfortunaly we have to deal with interesting weather, the sun is out one day and the next day you will not leave your house without a cozy jumper. No reason to complain, as we can easily get a healthy and fresh look without any sun (and no damage!)

Omorovicza – Foaming Cleanser.

31 maart 2019 | by Wiesje

Nothing beats a good cleanse! So important to cleanse your face twice a day to keep the skin as healthy and glowing as possible. Today I would like to talk about this interesting Foaming Cleanser from Omorovicza.

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